Our program includes Key Tag, an information form for your glove box and
an Official Yellow Dot decal. Users can up update personal information 24/7.

Not only will our Members feel safe with our QR enabled products, they also receive the following:
Emergency On the Spot personal Medical Records
In a medical emergency even if you are unable to speak for yourself, your MyInfo911 ID tag will speak for you providing first responders instant access to your medical history, medications, blood type, allergies, etc. The ability to quickly access this critical information will enable timely, accurate and effective treatment. Quite literally, this card can make the difference between life and death.

Real Time Emergency Contact Notification
Emergency personnel often do not know who or how to contact your next of kin or other emergency contact that you would want notified in case of emergency. Your MyInfo911 ID tag will provide instant access to this valuable information, and will immediately send an email and to the person that you designate on your application.

Real Time GPS Mapping
Your MyInfo911 ID tag also provides First Responders the ability to send an additional email notification letting the designated emergency contact know the location of where the accident occurred or where the patient will be taken.

A Highly Advanced Personal Medical Record Keeping system
You are in charge of the information and medical data that you provide on your MyInfo911 profile and you alone have the ability to update your records as needed, 24/7. We assure the online security of that information. You can also choose which data will be accessed in the case of a medical emergency. Instant access to your up to date medical records is a great convenience for you in non-emergency medical situations, such as a visit to new physician, facility, pharmacy, etc.

Your Records are 100% Secure online
Your information is kept completely confidential. Our site has multi levels of security to protect your information.

Panic Button Feature
When someone is lost, we have a service that automatically notifies the local authorities of the missing person, what they were wearing and the location they were last seen. You also have the option to add any other pertinent information that could be useful in identifying the individual. In the case of missing children, or Alzheimers/Dementia patients, this service is invaluable!

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